Wedding music and DJ are of course a must for a wedding ceremony not only in San Francisco but also all over the world. Every detail of the wedding day – from the walk down the aisle to the first dance, the father-daughter dance to the recessional – music helps set the tone for the entire day. Hiring anyone for your wedding can become an undesirable experience, especially if you’re unsure about what you want exactly. Well, if you are a resident of San Francisco and looking for a professional DJ for a wedding ceremony, do you know the points you need to be aware of and the questions you need to ask? If no, continue reading and find a guide that BluedgeWeddings have created to the top ten most important questions you must ask any before hiring a DJ for a wedding in San Francisco.


Will they be available on my wedding date?

It is one of the essential questions you need to ask before hiring a DJ for a wedding in San Francisco. If they are not available, you do not need waste your time requesting detailed information about their service and you need to find out if they have already booked elsewhere on your wedding day beforehand in order not to be disappointed.

How long has a person been a DJ and how much wedding experience does he have?


It is vital to find out whether they are a well-rounded, professional entertainer who had varied and vast experience working with different audiences or a part-time worker who is doing this job to make a living or as entertainment. A wedding is a momentous event, and you don’t want your wedding to be the DJ’s first event in San Francisco. The number of years a DJ has been in the job will give you information about their experience level. Despite it, the standard of some part-time DJs for a wedding could be excellent and maybe even better than some full-time professionals.

Is it your first experience at the chosen wedding venue? If not, can you visit the site beforehand?


If your marriage is at a popular wedding venue in San Francisco, your DJ is very likely to perform there before and knows all the requirements to equipment. However, if your DJ has not been at your particular place beforehand, it’s a good idea to ask if they will visit the site before the wedding day so they can check out space and any extra equipment they may need to bring. This visit gives the DJ an opportunity to meet location representatives, understand acoustics and lighting design.


Can we watch the videos of the works you did before?

When deciding on the music team you will work for your wedding music, watching videos of weddings when they are on stage will be an opportunity for you to understand how successful the team is in their work.

How do you motivate the crowd when nobody is dancing?

Not all parties are full of party animals who love dance and socialize with each other, you can also find a lot of wallflowers who are quite shy to dance and need some encouragement. In this case, this is the responsibility of the DJ to understand how to read a crowd, build and keep up the energy. Your professional DJ needs to have talent to mix all sorts of genres to include all and keep them enthusiasm to dance.


Asking for a price

From a financial viewpoint, this is a question that you should ask before deciding for a particular DJ or music band for a wedding. It is clear that we have to spend a considerable amount of money not only for wedding music but also other services such as food, photography, wedding venue itself, so it is essential for wedding owners to allocate money correctly. Asking for a price is not only about the money you must pay for a DJ but also any additional expenditures such as travel expenses if they come from overseas or charge for special musical requests. “How much is the deposit you require? or when is it due?” is the question you should not forget to ask before finding an excellent music band.

Can you describe an unexpected situation that happened at an event and how you handled it?

This is a question that will give you a good sense of your band leader or DJ’s personality. The goal here is to find out if your performer is a professional who can think autonomously and will be able to tackle any problems that arise. “I have never experienced something like that, so I don’t have a plan,” is not an acceptable answer in this situation.

What will you and the band wear?

If your wedding is going to be a formal event, ask your DJ to dress accordingly, as a DJ who comes in a T-shirt and jeans will certainly look out of place. As well as, a casual beach wedding wouldn’t want to see a DJ in a formal dress. Your DJ will also appreciate your vision regarding attire so that they can dress appropriately for the occasion. However, if you’d like your DJ to dress in a specific costume or unusual color, you may find you need to provide them with the costs to cover this special request.


Are there any other services he can offer?

There are some DJ packages that include extra services such as intelligent lighting and video screens. Other than music entertainment, some other services might be necessary: event planner, wedding photographer, videographer, caterer, florist. Video screens are one of the most requested options besides lighting. Ask your DJ what additional services they offer, or any special equipment they have that can add the finishing touches to your day.

Why should I choose this particular wedding DJ?

Even though this is the last question in our article, it should be considered as essential as the aforementioned questions. It is crucial to see what DJ considers to be his best attribute. Is it their amazing sound equipment or is it their dedication for making an event a success? The way they describe their work and experience will give you an opportunity to ensure if your choice is right or you need to consider everything again and again to find a perfect music band for your unforgettable event.

After taking into consideration all of these questions and their answers from wedding DJs and bands, you will know everything about the work, performance, and experience of your candidates. The more you know about the subject, the better equipped you will be to find the best DJ for your wedding in San Francisco and make the day unforgettable!



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